Already Gone Reviewed as a: “Top Shelf Folkie Find,” with “Ear-Grabbing Lyrics,” “Notable For its Sweet, Inviting Sound.”

The first reviews are in for Already Gone, and it’s being well received by critics! Here are some of the highlights, but please follow the links below to read the reviews in their entirety!

“Titchner, a sprightly acoustic guitarist and singer, has a fresh, springy sound, bright and coursing like a brook. He also has a clear, natural voice and a knack—for better and worse—for fitting long, complex, grammatically correct speeches into catchy singalong tunes.”

Brian Howe, February 26, 2020

“Chris Titchner’s new release, ‘Already Gone’, combines catchy songwriting with a complete disregard of stylisitic homogeny. Folk, pop, New Orleans jazz…they all coexist on an album anchored by Titchner’s consistent acoustic guitar work, ear-grabbing lyrics, and solid vocals.”

Jesse Paliotto, February 25, 2020

“The musical equivalent of a novelist blossoming in obscurity, Titchner has taken the long way around to get where he is now but the wait was worth it if the result is such a killer back porch set like this… this is [a] top shelf folkie find.”

Chris Spector, Febrary 21, 2020

Already Gone is available for streaming/purchase now!