Chris Titchner performing live (photo by Rob Boucek).

Chris Titchner is a Singer-Songwriter living in Raleigh, NC. Growing up in Vermont, Titchner was influenced by 90s music like Counting Crows, Barenaked Ladies, and Del Amitri, and New England Folk like Dar Williams, Jim Infantino, Jonatha Brooke, and Ellis Paul. In college he formed several bands, released multiple albums, and performed around New England regularly.

After moving down to North Carolina, Titchner began exploring the rich variety of music his new home had to offer and began to incorporate some of what he heard into his own music. He released his first solo album, Moving Day, which was named Runner-Up Folk Album Of The Year in that year’s Indy Music Awards. Many years of performing followed, with Chris being compared to artists such as Josh Ritter, Noah Gundersen, and The Mountain Goats. Finally, in 2019, Titchner returned to the studio. This time around he recorded with Chris Rosser at Hollow Reed Studio in Asheville, NC.

Already Gone features 13 new songs ranging in style from Folk to Pop to Americana to New Orleans Jazz. Though set to be released in February, 2020, it has already won some accolades. In December of 2019, two songs featured on the album received Honorable Mention in the 36th Mid-Atlantic Song Contest.

photo by Rob Boucek

What Others Have Said…

“Titchner, a sprightly acoustic guitarist and singer, has a fresh, springy sound, bright and coursing like a brook. He also has a clear, natural voice and a knack—for better and worse—for fitting long, complex, grammatically correct speeches into catchy singalong tunes.”

Brian Howe, February 26, 2020

“Chris Titchner’s new release, ‘Already Gone’, combines catchy songwriting with a complete disregard of stylisitic homogeny. Folk, pop, New Orleans jazz…they all coexist on an album anchored by Titchner’s consistent acoustic guitar work, ear-grabbing lyrics, and solid vocals.”

Jesse Paliotto, February 25, 2020

“The musical equivalent of a novelist blossoming in obscurity, Titchner has taken the long way around to get where he is now but the wait was worth it if the result is such a killer back porch set like this.”

Chris Spector, Febrary 21, 2020

“Titchner has produced a rare album, an acoustic singer-songwriter album that can appeal to people who do not enjoy the genre.”

Graham Bailey, October 18, 2005

“Titchner has always been a thinking person’s artist. He packs his songs with images, dreams, awkward moments, [and]daily frustrations…;[s]ometimes it’s scary how close to home he hits…I don’t remember him sounding this gutsy on the last album.”

Jennifer Layton, June 4, 2005

“Titchner is a normal guy, and he seems to come–like his songs–without pretense or effect, but with affection, sincerity and empathy. Titchner understands his troubles and articulates them with empirical expertise.”

Grayson Currin
The Independent, May 15, 2005

“Titchner has broadened his sound with a solid cast and taken the next step in his musical development…a well arranged and enjoyable folk-rock casserole.”

Kurt Zimmer,
Seven Days, September 27, 2000

“The songs on ‘Some Things Never Change’ are as good as they are because the melodies are catchy and the vocal performance is strong. The blend of acoustic guitar and cello is an easy sell to folks who like folk-based music with a pop edge to it…An overall fine job for Titchner and his friends.”

Steve Lemke, Scene and Heard
Burlington Free Press, October 19, 2000

“[I] have to give Mr. Titchner the props for delivering consistently hummable melodies and lines which carefully avoid becoming overwrought or cheesy…plenty to like for fans of low-key acoustic songs.”

Colin Clary
Vermont Times/Vox, March 3, 1999